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Hi, I’m Justin Howley. I started Art Science Web in 2010 to help small to medium sized businesses improve their digital marketing capabilities. I’ve spent nearly two decades of my career in digital marketing working with large organizations such as the NY Times, Travelocity and JCPenney when I realized something…


…There is is an obvious opportunity to re-create the secret sauce of large scale marketing strategies that the leaders in the industry with BIG marketing budgets are using and apply them to small and medium sized businesses.


This was the lightbulb going off in my head. Honestly, there’s nothing magical about it, it’s just knowing the right puzzle pieces for a specific strategy. Most large organizations know what pieces yield the best response, problem is that small and medium sized businesses don’t. We can assess what your businesses needs to improve upon pretty quickly, and then tailor an effective marketing program to fit your needs.

Our Name & Philosophy

Art Science Web. Sums up exactly the recipe of our practice. Digital marketing is equal parts art and science that is presented to customers online. Balancing qualitative and quantitative practices takes a unique perspective to get right.


I like to give the music analogy here: There are some musicians who are virtuosos and master the quantitative sense of an instrument by memorizing scales and notes. These musicians tend to be very formulaic and predictable because they follow a pre-defined law of scales. Then there are other musicians who play by instinct and feel who provide an emotional experience to listeners and connect to them on a deeper level. There are very few that find the perfect balance of technique and feel. I tend to think Jimi Hendrix got this balance right. Jimi certainly wasn’t the cleanest with technique, but he certainly had the feel dialed in. He seemed to connect on an existential level with his audience.


Not that we’re saying we’re the Hendrix of digital marketing, but I do think we provide a bit’o magic by balancing technical marketing fundamentals and emotional connection for our clients customers.

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Our Unique Culture:

We're hands on practitioners, no faking the funk.

Fun, creative and down to earth. No art snobs here.

Genuine care built on integrity & respect for our clients.

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The leading online brands understand that success comes from focusing and iterating on key digital marketing practices (Design, SEO, UX and A/B Testing) and embedding them into their core strategy. Art Science Web will build and drive these same practices and principles into your business.

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