Are You Drowing in Data?

The record of truth in which you make business decisions needs to be 100% reliable and usable. ASW will ensure your data is accurate and actionable by conducting a comprehensive data audit with key reporting metrics to establish best practice analysis habits. We will identify any errors such as mistagging of success events, misfiring tags or out of sequence javascript. ASW will then recommend and implement the appropriate steps to correct and reconcile mismatched data.

The ASW Methodology Towards Analytics

The ASW Team has worked with large Business Intelligence teams using all the major Analytics providers (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Core Metrics). When working with data, there are a few key principles to uphold, make sure the data is accurate and reliable, and make sure the audience viewing the data has an intuitive and insightful way to create actionable analysis from it. ASW can provide implementation support, completely manage your Analytics suite, or can assist with strategic guidance to attain better insights and value from your data.

ASW Capabilities

Consultation From a Senior Analytics Professional

A Full Analytics Audit & Deep Dive

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Actionable Reports

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