What is Site Optimization?

Site optimization is the continued practice of improving your website experience to increase engagement and conversion from your existing website visitors.


Site Optimization is another area of practice that should be built into your current marketing strategy. If you are not testing and measuring the effectiveness of how your website and its visitors are interacting with content or features, then you are wasting your search marketing budget. Why waste your search marketing budget when you can improve your existing site conversion. It’s a no brainer. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy always includes an optimization and testing program, it’s key to a successful well rounded marketing strategy.

ASW’s approach to A/B testing 

ASW has helped many businesses implement and run successful optimization programs. We’ve scaled up organizations with no optimization experience to become efficient and mature program operators. Some of our clients are now recognized leaders in the optimization space and provide valuable insight via conferences and industry events.


ASW can either completely run your optimization program, or assist with identifying and selecting the right testing platform for your business. We will then implement the testing platform and train your team on how to use the product, as well as establishing an optimization workflow, strategic roadmap and provide testing best practices.

Our Preferred Optimization Platforms

How We’ll Help

Consultation From a Senior Optimization Professional

Perform a Customer Experience Evaluation

Provide Strategic Consulting

Execute & Maintain Optimization Program

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